Known OpenAPI limitations & issues#

There are some limitations & issues in providing OpenAPI 3 support for aiohttp.web applications via rororo library.


In case, if your issue not listed below, feel free to open new issue at GitHub.


Unsupported Security Schemes#

As of 2.0.0rc3 release OAuth2 & OpenID security schemes is not supported. And at a moment there is no plans of adding support of given security schemes to rororo.


Path Finder#

There is known issue that default PathFinder from openapi-core library matches more paths, then expected and as result return invalid operation, when multiple paths in OpenAPI 3 schema matches current request path. Github issue: openapi-core#226

To fix this rororo uses its own PathFinder class, which should work in most cases, but sometimes it might produce an error as well. In that case, consider rename the path to avoid intersections with other paths in schema.

Nullable Data#

openapi-core has issues with handling nullable arrays & objects,

While openapi-core#232 already fixed it is not yet releasesd to PyPI, which requires rororo to implement own way on handling nullable data by providing custom ArrayUnmarshaller & ObjectUnmarshaller instances.

In most cases it should work fine, but if you will experience any issues with nullable data, feel free to update #85 issue about the subject.