Source code for rororo.schemas.validators


Customize default JSON Schema Draft 4 validator.


from typing import Any, Iterator

from jsonschema.exceptions import ValidationError
from jsonschema.validators import Draft4Validator, extend

from .utils import defaults

[docs]class Validator(Draft4Validator): """Customize default JSON Schema validator. This customization allows: * Use tuples for "array" data type """ DEFAULT_TYPES = defaults({ 'array': (list, tuple), }, Draft4Validator.DEFAULT_TYPES) # type: dict
[docs]def extend_with_default(validator_class: Any) -> Any: """Append defaults from schema to instance need to be validated. :param validator_class: Apply the change for given validator class. """ validate_properties = validator_class.VALIDATORS['properties'] def set_defaults(validator: Any, properties: dict, instance: dict, schema: dict) -> Iterator[ValidationError]: for prop, subschema in properties.items(): if 'default' in subschema: instance.setdefault(prop, subschema['default']) for error in validate_properties( validator, properties, instance, schema, ): yield error # pragma: no cover return extend(validator_class, {'properties': set_defaults})
DefaultValidator = extend_with_default(Validator)